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More than 22 percent of registered Kansas voters are likely to cast ballots in the 2014 primary election, according to Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

The last day to cast a ballot in the election is Aug. 5. Advanced, in-person voting began on July 21.

“Of the 1,735,414 Kansans who are registered to vote, I expect approximately 381,790 will cast a ballot in next week’s primary election,” Kobach said. “Around 39,115 advance ballots have already been received.”

Johnson County voters can cast an advanced, in-person ballot in four

Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach

locations, including the Great Mall of the Great Plains, 20345 W. 151st Street in Olathe; and the Johnson County Election Office, 2101 E. Kansas City Road in Olathe. The primary election polls open on Aug. 5. Voters can find their election day polling place online at www.jocopolo.com.

The 2008 primary election cycle was very similar to the 2014 cycle, Kobach said. In 2008, 22.45 percent of voters cast ballots.

All Johnson County voters can cast a primary ballot for the Johnson County Board of Commissioners Chair, as the race is non-partisan. However, in other primary races, not every registered voter is eligible to vote. The Republican and Democratic primary races are open only to those who have registered to be affiliated with one of the two major political parties.

The unofficial number of voters affiliated with each recognized political party and no party at the close of voter registration on July 15 include 422,184 Democrats statewide, 12,655 Libertarians statewide, 765,342 Republicans, and 535,233 unaffiliated voters.