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Price Chopper to build new store

Albert Rukwaro Special to The Gardner News A funding agreement with Super Market Developers Inc. was approved at the Aug. 19 council meeting as a first step in a project that includes construction of a new Price Chopper store,...

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Dogs are never ‘just dogs,’ they are family

Joan Dorsey Contributing columnist A dear friend of mine lost a four legged family member last week. Unless you have a dog or cat that you have truly loved, this probably won’t even register on your emotions. I have shared my...

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Taxpayer Expense

Just after the primary election, in our mailbox was a 15×12 inch full color two sided flyer from Rep. Kevin Yoder. In fine print it says” This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.” It is supposed...

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Dove hunting good on public lands

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism public hunting areas are managed to provide optimum wildlife habitat, but area managers often go above and beyond to benefit hunters. These efforts can be especially evident on...

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Sports Potpouri

Mac Stevenson It’s difficult to place blame as to who the main culprit is in the total collapse of the Kansas City Royals’ major league baseball franchise. But there’s no doubt that the disintegration is complete and the...

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Some observations while people watching

Dorothy Rosby Contributing columnist I find strangers more interesting when I see them at the airport then when I see them, say, at the doctor’s office or the grocery store. At the grocery store, they’re buying detergent and...

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