Lynne Hermansen

The Bank of Knowledge building in downtown Edgerton is undergoing improvement repairs. The Johnson County Library – Edgerton was closed on Thursday, Nov. 17 through Monday, November 21 for a roof replacement.
Library patrons were encouraged to use the Spring Hill Library during the roof replacement.
Crews are also working on brick repairs to the exterior of the building. That work will continue through March 2023.
Edgerton City Council approved the brick project agreement with GKW Group at their Oct. 13 meeting.
The original project was adopted at the Oct. 28, 2021 meeting as part of the 2022-2026 Capital Improvement Program.
The project is for $63,500.
Dan Merkh, public works director, said at the Oct. 13 meeting the Nelson Street facing side of the building to recaulk and replace some of the brick.
He said some chip and cracking had already been fixed around the windows.
“They do magic,” Merkh said.
The west side of the building has significant brick popped out, the south side has some brick sticking out and a four foot section of the patio wall will be completely replaced by new brick and reanchored; along with fixed seal to the stairs to the bank patio. All sides will be washed and sealed.
“The east wall is in pretty good shape,” Merkh said.
Clay Longanecker, council member, said the city had never really done anything like this.
Merkh said it was true that the Bank of Knowledge had never received this type of major maintenance.
Johnson County Library is reimbursing the City of Edgerton 50 percent of the cost.
The roof repair project is budgeted for $75,600 but estimated to cost less than $63,500. Remaining funds will be transferred to the brick project.
Merkh said the life expectancy for the new library roof is 20 years.