Lynne Hermansen

Gardner Edgerton High School hosted The East Central Kansas Music Educators’ Association Saturday, Nov.5. Students from schools all over Johnson County auditioned for the district orchestra, band and choir.
Danielle King and Janet Nwofor, sophomore celloists in the Gardner Edgerton High School Orchestra, said it was a good experience and they were nervous but excited.
“The music is so hard and there is a lot of competition,” they said. “There are people better than us.”
King and Nwofor said it was their first year auditioning.
It was also the first year for Rachel Cornell, senior violinist for Gardner Edgerton High School to audition. She said she hadn’t tried out the last few years, because it had been online from the 2020 Covid Pandemic.
“I didn’t want to do it online,” Cornell said. “I am excited to be here in person.”