Lynne Hermansen

A suspected mass case of a gastrointestinal illness hit students last week at Moonlight Elementary School forcing administrators to temporarily close the school Friday, November 4.
Ben Boothe, director of community relations, said it was an isolated incident for the school district and they believed the school had experienced norovirus and would reopen Monday, Nov. 7.
Boothe said while Influenza A, other viruses and illnesses have been spreading through the metro they didn’t believe this was the case.
The school experienced high levels of absenteeism last week and operations teams have spent the time deep cleaning, disinfecting and increasing HVAC flow.
Nutrition Services teams spent time disinfecting, frequent hand washing and reporting any illnesses.
Boothe said because of the fast-moving nature of illness they consulted with Johnson County Department of Health and Education and the closure was a safety measure to protect students and staff.
Clearwater Creek Elementary in west Olathe closed Wednesday, Oct. 26 through Friday, Oct. 28 for a unusually high number of absences related to norovirus. Over 25 percent of students and staff were reported absent.
Common symptoms for gastrointestinal issues include pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, weight loss and excess gas.