Lynne Hermansen
Two public hearings were held at the Gardner City Council Meeting Tuesday, September 6.
No one spoke at either public hearing.
The adoption of the city’s intent to exceed the revenue neutral rate and the Fiscal Year 2023 budget were both adopted.
The revenue neutral rate is the mill levy required to raise the same amount of property tax as the previous year using the current year’s assessed valuation amounts.
Gardner’s 2023 revenue neutral rate was calculated by the county clerk at 17.445. The city calculated it at 18.854.
The city said their 2023 budget is structurally sound with adequate reserves in both tax levy funds.
Their projected end of year general fund balance for 2023 is 33 percent. The city has a one mill levy decrease compared to last year at 18.854. 2022’s mill levy was 19.854.
The city said their budget continues investment for infrastructure, three full time positions, a planned water rate increase of 3.7 percent to support the water treatment plant expansion project and a proposed wastewater increase of 4.2 percent for anticipation of expanding the Kill Creek Resource Recovery Center.