Junque Drawer, a popular boutique in Olathe, held a grand opening party Friday, August 26 to celebrate the new addition to their business Buffalo Gals Saloon. Peach vodka cocktails in a specialty reusable glass were offered along with beers, seltzers and wines. As part of the new expansion customers can drink on the patio, in their new trailer “Zelda” or drink while they shopped throughout the three story boutique. Staff photos by Lynne Hermansen

Lynne Hermansen
A modern, general type store resides in an unsuspecting three story older home on the edge of downtown Olathe in the historic residential part of town surrounded by century old homes.
The structure is normally bustling with customers looking for unique gifts for special occasions, local school apparel, shopping for the holidays or participating in an unique art or craft class.
The business began in 2012. It’s owner Jane Hosey Stern has been a fixture in the Olathe School District for decades. She served as a teacher and a counselor for 38 years.
“It was never a dream, but I always loved creating stuff,”she said.
Hosey Stern began sharing her love for art, jewelry and repurposed crafts first by selling her own work to other boutiques and then through her boathouse before transitioning to a business partnership.

Junque Drawer Boutique & Studio, 233 South Cherry Street, a popular store in Olathe gave The Gardner News a sneak peak into their new expansion. Their “Christmas” house above opens in the next week or two across the street from their original location, and the basement will house their art studio classes.

She said the partnership wasn’t the right fit for her after 6 months and they parted ways. This was when she decided to open Junque Drawer.
Along with creating fun and unusual crafts, jewelry and art for sale, Hosey Stern teaches classes in a space known as “The Heart Cave”.
The classes range from jewelry making, beaded wineglass and bar items, different styles of painting, stepping stones, junk collage and seasonal holiday projects.
“I knew I was in for an adventure when I realized I’d rather root through trash cans in our alley in Medicine Lodge, Kansas than Play other stuff,”she said. “Finding treasures, re-working them into jewelry, home adornments and wall art was embossed into my being starting in the 1960s and has been an phenomenally wonderful addiction ever since.”
Hosey Stern said she has always been drawn to art and creative expression.
“When I doodled endlessly on my papers in school, I was just practicing for making my wisdom quote signs that I now love to make,”she said.
Hosey Stern’s homemade items range from canvas signs, wood beaded ha sale plaques, vintage bags, furniture, greeting cards, suitcases, toolboxes and more.
The store also sells and showcases local artists they love.
Hannah Greer, her daughter, has been the store manager for the past eight to nine years.
On Friday, she was celebrating with Hosey Stern their new business expansion by slinging drinks for customers in their new bar and cocktail lounge “Buffalo Gals”.
Greer had a full time job before joining Junque Drawer as her Hosey Stern’s “right-hand woman”. She also holds a degree in strategic communications and runs the business’s social media and communications.
Greer said she loves working side by side with her mom and every day is a fun adventure.
As part of their expansion in a few weeks they are opening their second house across the street that will showcase winter holidays and Christmas.
They gave The Gardner News a sneak peak into the Victorian home that immediately transports a person to Santa’s workshop on the North Pole with bright festive colors and the smells of pine trees and home baked goods.
It was a refreshing feeling on one of the hottest August days.
Customers had nothing but praises for their love of Junque Drawer and what it has added to the Southwest Johnson County Community. Some customers drive down from Kansas City and the northern suburbs to visit Hosey Stern’s store.
Lainey Bassett said it had come a long way since it had been operated out of Hosey Stern’s garage.
“I love it,”she said. “It’s a little hidden gem.”
Bassett said Hosey Stern is a pretty generous person and she also enjoys the outside vendors that are brought in to promote their art and the artisan vibe.
Bassett’s friend Dawn Braet shared the same sentiments.
“It’s the perfect location,”they said. “It’s such fun and very unique for the area. It’s one of a kind.”
Bassett said people want to shop local.
“You want cute and fun,”she said.
Junque Drawer is open every day 10 a.m. to 6p.m. Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays. They also rent space for private events.