Lynne Hermansen

Jolie Wilkinson, Gardner resident, began her small flower business two years ago. Her business grew from her small front yard garden. This summer she began selling her arranged flowers at the Gardner’s Farmer Market.

Two years ago in the middle of the pandemic, Gardner resident Jolie Wilkinson turned her small front yard garden into a burgeoning flower business.
“I wanted a way to share joy with others and decided to turn my hobby into a career I would be passionate about,”she said.
Her small, front yard garden has turned into many raised beds full of annuals, perennials, native plants, herbs and shrubs.
“Growing my own flowers has lead to a more personal connection with the flowers I arrange,”she said.
Wilkinson credits her parents and grandparents for being her best gardening inspirations.
This is her first year selling at the Gardner’s Farmers’ Market.
“I have loved it so much,”she said. “It is wonderful to meet new faces and see familiar ones as well.”
Next year will be Wilkinson’s third year in business, and when she isn’t selling her flowers from her booth at the Thursday farmers’ market, she is selling her arranged flowers to florists, designers and other flower farmers.
“I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone,”she said. “I suppose that happens when you are doing something you love. I look forward to another year of planting, growing and arranging.”Wilkinson said her favorite flowers are Tulips, Dahlias and Sunflowers.
Jolie’s Cut Flowers can be reached through social media.