Frank Moley’s father-in-law’s vehicle after avoiding a semi-truck on 199th Street. Moley started a petition to have the road made a No Truck Zone. Photo courtesy of Frank Moley

Lynne Hermansen
A petition on requesting signatures against Johnson County Commissioner Shirley Allenbrand’s closed door meetings about truck traffic on 199th Street has gained traction.
Frank Moley started the petition and has received 269 signatures as of press time. He has requested 500 in order to receive consideration from the county commission.
Moley spoke at the Thursday, August 18 meeting during public comments describing a car accident on 199th Street that almost killed his Father-in-Law.
“You’ve ignored taxpayers as usual,”he said. “The result is indifference. You support Northpoint and not taxpayers.”
Moley said on Saturday, August 13 his Father-in-Law was traveling back to Gardner when a truck driver ran him off the road into a ditch where he impaled a tree after his vehicle went airborne.
“By the Grace of God he survived,”he said. “If my Mother-in-Law had been there there’d be a funeral.”
Moley said the commission needs to simply force trucks to use approved roads and not artillery side roads.
“Don’t table this again,”he said. “Ask the Sheriff to enforce a no truck zone.”
Moley said the stretch of 199th street between the Intermodal and Highway 169 is being used by trucks as a shortcut route to reach 68 Highway or circumvent the scales on I-35. The speed limit is 45 mph.
The county’s CARNP plans show trucks should be using state and interstate highways and not secondary and arterial roads per state laws.
199th Street is a narrow two lane road with no shoulders and drainage ditches.
Moley said it is creating a very dangerous, and potentially, expensive situation.
“To make it safer for trucks it would need to be widened and rebuilt to ensure longevity as well as safety, costing the tax payers tens of millions of dollars,”he said.
Moley said he has had some support but not from the county, and had told them if they lived on the road the problem would have been solved.
Moley said Allenbrand has been holding closed door meetings, has BNSF and Northpoint donors and continues to ignore area residents.
He said he plans on speaking again at the BOCC’s Thursday, August 25 meeting.