Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
So once again it begins. But why wouldn’t it begin again? We travel around the same massive star at the same speed, in the same path.
But it always amazes me the sudden pop of energy I get. I am once again done with summer. School has started; kids are in the swing of new classes, old friends and some new ones hopefully. The fair has come and gone. 4-H’ers are thinking about what to do for next year and how this year might have been better.
I am still tending my flowers. But it has gone from “please grow! “ to ”ehhhh if your are tired of the heat, just give up! “
Our days have shortened. It isn’t light at 5 am anymore. It gets dark at about 8:15 pm.
Yet every year, this turn to something besides summer surprises me. Is it because I have hid out from the 100 degree heat in a nice cool house for several weeks? Have I been busy trying to learn new things at the office? Those things have happened also.
I would like to think that the big energy blast to clean house and wash rugs and anything even remotely dusty is normal. But I am not a housecleaner.
I want to believe that it is the rush of cool air as I open the door to take the dog for a morning walk. Or the sight of roadside sunflowers starting to bloom. I am ready for fall colors. For the sights and smells of apples just picked. Pumpkins waiting for kids to carve them.
Fall was never my favorite time of year. Spring is joyful to me. But as I get a wee bit older. Fall has a lot of appeal. The sun is still welcome. The fact you get hot and sweaty is quickly forgotten as the cool of the evening sets in.
I will slowly transition to pumpkins, oranges, yellows and reds. Sunflowers and mums. Fall makes me sad, but with fall comes winter then spring. I am glad I live in a place with four seasons. I am glad I can enjoy them as they pass.