Lynne Hermansen
The July 25 school board meeting focused on teacher salaries and benefits for the new school year.
Dr. Jody Marshall, director of Human Resources and Tiffany Morawiec, finance director presented the annual negotiations process.
GE National Ed Association to represent teachers, school principals from each level and board teams meet together in four face to face meetings from April to June.
“They develop outcomes to acknowledge the important work of teachers and success of students,” Dr. Marshall said. “They discuss improving work terms and conditions to remain competitive in Johnson County. They are always mindful.”
Morawiec said they look at the challenges and are aware of the financial ones.
Dr. Marshall and Morawiec said the following are looked at for negotiations: higher salary based on experience, continued Education, fund longevity, health and dental plans, a $1500 premium pay retention bonus, horizontal step supplemental schedule especially for coaches and sponsors, three added military duty leave days, increased unused sick days that can be sold back from $1500 to $3000, two additional paid wellness days and added planning time for elementary teachers because “they aren’t receiving quite the same amount of time as middle and high school teachers.”
Morawiec said it was the first time in nine years they didn’t add money to the supplemental salary schedule.
Dr. Marshall said they were still actively discussing ideas to improve work conditions and compensation for special education staff.
“There is a lengthy list of extensive ideas, but they weren’t a part of negotiations,”he said. “It’s just the start of the conversation. We don’t want to give false hope but think we can get things off the ground.”
Dr. Marshall and Morawiec said 89 percent approved of the negotiations and the biggest part was the financial implications.
“We found every nickel we could find to push through,”Morawiec said.
Everyone was positive and collaborative, she said.
The total average increase was four percent with a one to two percent vertical movement increase, Morawiec said. It would also be the last year of ESSER funds which will be supporting the $130,500 for wellness days. The total compensation package is $5.7 million.
An executive session was held to certify salaries. A one vertical step move for returning staff and one horizontal supplemental move was approved.
Premium pay retention bonuses for the 2022-2023 school year for continuously employed staff was also approved. Support staff who have been continuously employed through June 2022 will receive a 1.2 percent increase.