Staff photos by Lynne Hermansen

Visitors to this week’s fair could see a wide variety of animals, including the prize winning ones, raised by 4-H kids before and after the live auction Saturday, August 6. Animals from pigs, sheep, goats, cows and bird varieties bared the heat. Rabbits were not at this year’s fair. The American Rabbits Breeders Association and KDA Department of Health did not allow rabbits to be shown at the Johnson County Fair because of the first reported confirmed case of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus reported in the State of Kansas. RHDV2 was found in Leavenworth County and is a highly contagious and fatal disease among rabbits, not humans. The only signs of the disease are sudden death and blood stained noses from internal bleeding. Infected rabbits may also develop a fever, lack an appetite or have respiratory and nervous system issues.