Kennedy Graham
Club reporter
Think fast! What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you hear 4-H? If you are like many people, the first word that came to your mind was farmer, or animals, or perhaps clover, maybe even fair. But if you have ever been fortunate to have been part of a 4-H club at some point throughout your life, your first word to describe 4-H might be a little different. Recently I conducted an unscientific poll and of the 56 responses that I received I quickly noticed a trend. The people who hadn’t been part of a 4-H club responded in the ways that I mentioned earlier, but those of us who have been in 4-H first thought of words like leadership, learning, community, growth, teamwork, and resoundingly family. So, next time you are walking around the fairgrounds, or you are listening to a project talk, or you overhear a club member talk about something that he/she has poured his/her head, hands, heart, and health into please envision how that member may have learned or collaborated or grown during that process and by doing so you just might experience a tiny piece of what 4-H means to me.

Who Needs a Zamboni?
Who needs a Zamboni when you have eleven amateur 4-H club members ice skating on a Saturday afternoon in March? While many of us spent more time sprawled out across the ice rink than we did on our rented ice skates, 11 Prairie Moon 4-H Club members attempted to ice skate to commemorate the end of our shared Spring Break week. A few of us even got brave and ventured more than a skate’s distance away from the rink wall by the end of our two-hour public skating outing. All in all, I’d consider it a success since everybody had fun and the most severe injury was an easily treatable blister.