Graphic courtesy of Sharice Davids

Lynne Hermansen
Kansas representative Sharice Davids visited the Gardner wastewater infrastructure project Monday, July 11 with Mayor Todd Winters and Jim Pruetting, city administrator.
The project was recently approved for federal funding to create a new space for residential and commercial development in the city. Gardner has the highest projected population growth rate in the county from now through 2030.
Davids said she was proud to support the wastewater infrastructure project.
“From the water in our tap to the rain in our gutters, water infrastructure touches many parts of our lives including where we can build homes and businesses,” Davids said. “When we make targeted investments in local infrastructure, our communities become safer, more efficient and better equipped to handle future development needs.
Winters said the city was grateful for David’s active interest and assistance in the project.
“Bringing this project to fruition will open the doors to more growth and future development,” he said.
Pruetting said the project is critical to the Gardner community’s continued growth and prosperity.
“With the substantial commercial and industrial development occurring in Southwest Johnson County, Gardner is best positioned to meet the workforce and housing needs of the region, as we are already at the forefront of diversified residential development in this area,” he said.
Pruetting said they greatly appreciated Davids support of the project.
The City’s current wastewater operates at close to 90 percent capacity. Housing projects continue to grow.
Davids requested three million in federal funding that was recently approved for a new lift station and pumping station that moves wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation at Cedar Niles and 191st Street.
The current sanitary sewer infrastructure at the South Lift Station will have a force main and pressurized sewer pipe that conveys wastewater added.
The project was one of 15 approved projects requested by Representative Davids for federal funding by the House Appropriations subcommittees to improve health and safety for the community, tackle climate change and bring economic opportunity to the State’s Third District. It will be included in a larger appropriations package that will be voted on in the house.
Gardner has approved plans for 1,024 single family homes and 1,384 multi family residential units. The infrastructure projects hope to support new affordable housing for the area and continued expansions of New Century Park and Logistics Park.
Davids recently shared a report on the “State of our System” focused on the Third District’s water status. The report can be found at