Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Several years back, I discovered a truth about people. The opposition is always “crazy”.
A young couple I was friends with were getting a divorce. Now they had been married a number of years at this point. I knew them both fairly well. I didn’t see a lot of crazy in either of them, but who really knows what goes on behind closed doors? Anyway after they decided to split, it was decided ( by the opposition) that each of them was crazy. She was crazy for wanting the lights turned off in empty rooms. He was crazy because he liked to look at vintage cars. On and on it goes.
We had a bout of this crazy that lasted during the pandemic. Depending on which side you were sitting on. People who wanted to wear masks were crazy, likewise the people who didn’t were also crazy. Folks getting the vaccine were crazy, those not getting them were crazy too.
I have delt with the people who proudly proclaim “let’s just agree to disagree”. Well that makes me laugh, really laugh. These are the same people who agree to disagree IF you agree with their thoughts.
This is a big old world. We tend to label each other really quickly. Labels are often hard to shake and sometimes in the end, very hurtful. When I was a kid, we called people all sorts of names. Almost every one of them now has been deemed socially unacceptable. The times they are a changing.
As Billy Joel proudly belted out “ you may be right, I may be crazy” . He even wrote a whole song about different opinions. I am making a real effort to quit using that word. It never felt good when someone declared your point of view less than smart or useful.
So whether we understand the opposition and the way life appears to them, or we just can understand why they have a specific opinion. I think we need to find a better way of allowing everyone to have their say.
We are never all going to agree. Ever. It isn’t the nature of us as humans. But an opposing view on anything doesn’t make you crazy. It makes you normal. In my mind.