Reading in last week’s Gardner News of the public protests of the overturning of Roe vs Wade reminds me of how odd it has always seemed to me that a woman could march, carry placards and shout out her belief and freedom and right of choice for all women knowing that at the very moment she is doing this thousands of potential women are being killed without the freedom to make any choice at all.
It makes the whole protest thing look extremely self-centered, which it is obviously, because while the protest pretends to care about all women it supports only a few: Those whose mothers didn’t kill them before they could stand on their own two feet, those who don’t care what happens to the helpless so long as it doesn’t interfere with what they want and those who actually believe what looks like the easy solution is always the best solution.
I do not engage in arguments for or against abortion. It is difficult for many people to care about what happens to a stranger, which is what every unborn child is, even to its mother and father. I simply say that I think that any person who truly wishes good for all women will put their energy into providing support, encouragement, caring love and recognition of the value of not just the ones we can see, but of them all.

Stella Taylor