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Lynne Hermansen
Johnson County and RideKC announced Wednesday, June 29 its micro transit routes are increasing their service area along with adding Sunday service that would begin Tuesday, July 5.
Fares will be adjusted based on distance traveled to either three or five dollars. Fares will be three dollars for trips in one zone and five dollars in both north and south zones and includes Missouri destinations to The Plaza, 75th and Wornall and Ward Parkway Center. The North Zone includes County Line Road to 95th Street. The Central Zone includes 95th to 135th street. The South Zone includes 135th to Edgerton. Transits will include the area from State Line Road on the east, County Line Road on the north, 151st Street on the south. Renner Road will be the western boundary from County Line Road to College Boulevard. South of College, the zone will include K-7, and south of 135th Street the route will be expanded along I-35 and will include the Edgerton Intermodal Area.
The 499 Johnson County Transit will operate Sunday through Saturday 6a.m. to 8p.m. A new app for Apple and Android users will become available. Other changes added this year also include increased mid-day service levels, a new route on 87th Street, Saturday service on four existing routes and new complementary paratransit service to support vulnerable populations. Commuter express route improvements will be made in May.
To submit a comment about the changes there is an online survey on the website or comments and questions can be given through their phone number 816-346-0300 or email at [email protected]
RideKC Micro Transit and routes in Johnson County, Kansas are part of several pilot programs to improve public transportation. Johnson County Board of Commissioners approved $15.2 million for new transit pilot programs at their November 21, 2021 meeting. The program is funded with Federal Transit Administration COVID relief grants. It is the largest single investment in transit in Johnson County’s history.
Map provided from Johnson County.