Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Earlier this spring I attended a band concert at the high school. It was a lot of students plus alumni from years past at GEHS.
The music was wonderful The director and the past directors did a great job.
From the time I was old enough to sit and remain still my parents took me to football games, plays and concerts when my older siblings were involved. I learned from church experiences how to behave at an indoor production or service.
I guess you could call it audience courtesy or etiquette..
This also translates to movies and other things.
Any of these productions should be entirely about the person or people on the stage or screen. In other words, you aren’t the performer or the star. Your job is to sit, KEEP YOUR PHONE OFF, and be the attentive audience.
In movies, you don’t chat, interpret the plot or open noisy snack.
Everyone there paid good money for the seat they occupy. Lights and noise are not  your job.
Your job is to listen and applaud when the performer completes a solo or at the end of a piece.
At the band concert I attended, a father took it upon himself to shout pleasantries to his student on stage. In my mind how rude. It was never the time to take the attention off of the person performing and draw it to an audience member. If the person in the audience needed recognition they would have been mentioned from the stage.
Basketball, football, baseball and soccer have their own set of rules for their fans.
Basically if you are indoors and you are not the “attraction” be quiet, keep your phone off and let the performer or speaker have the stage. Everyone around you will appreciate your effort.
Attend the things that make life a great experience, but remember what role you play in the event.