Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
So once again I guess the best thought out plans have not worked as I wanted.
You all know I was born here and raised here, and helped my high school graduating class celebrate 50 years this past weekend. I feel I am kind of vetted, and have done my time.
I was really saddened by the news there wouldn’t be a Johnson County Fair parade this year. As a kid growing up in our dusty little town on the Santa Fe Trail, the Fair parade signaled the end of summer. School was right around the corner for all of us kids.
The parade brought lots of folks to town and money for the merchants, restaurants and residents.
People came to the parade and stayed and went to the fair and hung out for the day. It showcased our little town. 4-Hers worked hard on their floats and projects. The band marched and practiced for the parade as one of their first outings for the fall. I am sure the Shriners polished those little cars and tiny motor bikes. Politicians practiced their handshakes and political smiles.
Some of the original folks I have been told, didn’t care for the parade. But I think many people were glad we were allowed to have it. It was fun and something to look forward to.
I realize the Main Street construction causes many problems. It is a pain for those of us going to the grocery store or just trying to turn on Moonlight or some of our stranded businesses. But roads must be fixed or we complain about potholes and tire damage.
I also remember the parade going down Park Street or maybe even Warren Street even Shawnee St. As they say where there is a will there is a way.
Or maybe if the town is tired of working out logistics, maybe the nearby towns would like to hold the parade in their cities. This is after all the Johnson County Free Fair many of the 4-H kids come from Bucyrus and Spring Hill etc.
I would hate to see another free festival in our state go by the wayside.
So Edgerton, Olathe, Desoto, Bucyrus anybody willing to take on this event? It might provide a little extra income to your town. Yes, it would be an undertaking. Yes, people might be slightly inconvenienced. Maybe the other small town could even vie for the opportunity to hold such an event. It seems like something that should be considered and possibly re-thought?
This is just my opinion though.