Lynne Hermansen
The City of Gardner will hold its citywide cleanup on May 14 and May 21. The city will provide a collection of up to four bulk items for residents within city limits. Individual residential homes, duplexes and mobile homes are eligible to participate.
The city passed the contract with 1-800-GOT-JUNK at their May 2 council meeting after previously cancelling the cleanup at their April 18 meeting.
The $30,000 contract is for the first 100 tons with additional costs of $200 per ton based on actual tonnage collected.
Each household will be limited to four items still, but Kellen Headlee, public works director, said they would also pick up household appliances.
Residents north of 175th Street/Main Street will receive service on Saturday, May 14. Residents south of 175th Street/Main Street will receive service on Saturday, May 21.
The city modified the program to limit the type and quality of items that can be collected. The clean-up picks up items not provided by regular trash services with Gardner Disposal.
Up to four of the following types of items will be accepted per household according to the City’s Website:
• Furniture (a four-piece sectional = item collection limit)
• Appliances (doors removed or glass broken out, no Freon)
• Bicycles
• Mattresses and box springs
• BBQ grills (tanks removed)
• Basketball goals (cut in half, no concrete)
• Swing sets (broken down and bundled)
• Carpet rolls: 4 ft. long and less than 65 lbs.
• Only those items not collected by regular trash service

The following items will NOT be accepted at curbside pickup:
• More than four items
• Yard waste, tree limbs, or stumps
• Hazardous materials (including tires, car batteries, liquids, paint, refrigerants, solvents, oils, asbestos, or other hazardous materials)
• Electronics
• Decking, fencing, lumber, RR ties
• Glass (unless broken down and boxed)
• Construction or demolition debris
• Domestic trash, no bagged items allowed
• Commercial debris
Larger items qualify if two individuals can lift them and any items over 6 feet should be cut in half. To ensure the collection of approved pieces, residents should place their belongings within three feet of the curb by 8 a.m. Residents must dispose of items on their own if they fail to make pick-up time.
For a fee residents may request a separate pickup for unapproved items at 913.647.4045. Residents can contact the Olathe Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 913.971.9311 to schedule a drop off of hazardous materials such as auto products, paints and pesticides.
Residents who have more questions about approved items or pick-up locations they can contact Jody Demaline, public works superintendent, at 913.856.0908.