Heidi Gunderson
The Chamber Orchestra received a 1 (Outstanding) rating April 30, with a near perfect score of 79/80. All five soloists who attended received a 1 rating. The two small ensembles who attended (The Allegro Quintet and the Scherzando Quintet) both received a 2 (Excellent) rating.
The following students received ratings:
Allegro and Scherzando Quintet members: John Ahsens, Rachel Cornell, Taylor Dryden, Connor Gunderson, Kiersten Markos, Carson Matlock, Blake Moore, Manny Nwofor, David Taylor, Piper Warren.
Soloists: Nicholas Belcher, Eden Hall, Jay Jensen, Jamie Pemberton, Emily Schutzel.
Chamber Orchestra members: John Ahsens, Casey Binkley, Maddie Clark, Rachel Cornell, Taylor Dryden, Lily Godsil, Brett Jackson, Jay Jensen, Kiersten Markos, Eric Massaro, Carson Matlock, Blake Moore, Manny Nwofor, Jamie Pemberton, Grace Rieder, Abby Roy, Emily Schutzel, David Taylor, Piper Warren, Ellen White.