Unconventional vehicles like UTVs are allowed on Edgerton city streets, but not four-wheelers or other straddled vehicles.
Edgerton allows golf carts, low-speed vehicles, work-site utility vehicles (side-by-sides), and micro utility trucks to be driven on any Edgerton street with a speed limit of less than 35 mph.
The vehicle must be inspected and tagged annually, and operated by a licensed driver. Normal traffic laws apply. Under City Code, recreational vehicles must have seatbelts, turn signals, headlights and taillights, a rearview mirror, and brakelights to be driven on the road. Straddled vehicles like ATVs and four-wheelers are not allowed.
Drivers are only allowed to operate recreational vehicles between sunrise and sunset.
“These smaller UTVs and golf carts can be difficult to see, especially for people in larger pick-up trucks and commercial vehicles. So make sure you’re following traffic laws and use your seatbelts,” says Deputy Brad Johnson, Edgerton’s community policing officer.
If you notice someone not following the rules, please contact the Sheriff’s non-emergency dispatch line at 913-782-0720.
Annual permit applications are available at City Hall during normal business hours or by going to edgertonks.org/unconventional-vehicles.