There was lots going on March 7.
Besides the everyday background noise of traffic, conversation and bird songs, the “people’s business” was being conducted with lots of forward movement March 7.
At Gardner city hall, the council approved two percent COLA raises for all city staff, a sign on bonus for new officers, and learned about the new Johnson County Transit service.
School board was busy also.
A new board of education member was appointed to fill a vacancy — the fourth appointment in about as many months, with one yet to go.
Three new administrators were hired.
A demographer told the BOE that altho the district lost 344 students due to the pandemic, 80 had returned, and the trend towards higher enrollment in the elementary grades looked good.
If you only get your news on social media fifth and sixth hand, you’re missing out.
The real business, drama and activities are conducted at local government meetings.
They are free to attend in person, and most are available live online.