Donald Roberts

Donald Roberts
Edgerton Mayor
For more than a decade, I’ve had the honor and privilege of serving as mayor of Edgerton. When I took office, I promised this community that I would work toward securing our future. We now have more jobs, more businesses, and more opportunities than ever before.
Since this is The Gardner News’ Progress Edition, I wanted to share some of the big progress we’ve made in the past year. The 207th Street Grade Separation opened in December. That project had been talked about since I was a kid. Edgerton could never afford to build a bridge over the transcontinental rail line until now. In 2022, we finally made that project happen without using residential property tax dollars. Other public infrastructure projects, like the 7th and Nelson Sewer Rehabilitation Project and the annual Street Maintenance Program, are improving and upgrading the necessary infrastructure that keeps our community safe and healthy.
We’re working on more projects that benefit our entire community and bring people together. Our second full park renovation at Glendell Acres is underway. The city is working on utility coordination and easement acquisition now before work begins on a new skate park, walking path, adventure-style playground, and more.
In 2022, the City will host a new community event: a barbecue competition called Meat Inferno. Registration is open now at for any teams that would like to compete. Most importantly, The Greenspace project is in full swing. The new community gathering space will draw people into downtown Edgerton and offer a wide range of options for recreation and events that bring our residents together.
I’ve always said that it’s not the size of the town that matters, it’s the people who live here that give us that small-town feel. It’s not just our economic power, it’s our people. Together.