The world seems topsy turvy these days. Sometimes we just shake our heads.
KDOT can’t afford to maintain the state’s bridges – many need repair – but KDOT grants $2 million for electric car charging stations across I 70. Just how many electric cars are there in Kansas? I would prefer my roads be maintained and bridges load-worthy.
In fairness, Kansas received $225 million from the feds to repair bridges just last month, but that won’t go very far. Prices are rapidly increasing: from $17.2 million to $24 million just for Gardner’s I 35 bridge. With the date pushed back to 2023, that cost will only increase.
And what about the “mystery” company hanging the proverbial carrot of “jobs” in front of the governor’s nose? There are several rumors as to what the project is — which makes it more concerning the state can hand out more than a billion dollars in incentives but keep the recipient secret from taxpayers.
Has the governor asked stakeholders if they want to spend $1.3 billion in incentives to build “some mystery project?” And remember, when you see government bandying about the word “stakeholder,” it’s just a euphemism for taxpayer.
Taxpayers are struggling, and our patience grows thin. The cost of everything – from groceries to gas to utilities – has increased.
People are stretching their paychecks while government still meets virtually and works from home.
Folks are still hurting from the pandemic emotionally and financially.
And speaking of the pandemic, since Kansas is flush with our tax money, what are the plans to update antiquated software at the Kansas Department of Labor?
The state saw a 9.3 percent increase in revenues from 2020 to 2021, according to a press release last July.
Unfortunately customer service has not increased.
Poor service to the unemployed by KDOL seems to have been a headline of the past. Busy phone lines; purported fraud and overpayments; non responsive customer service; and bureaucracy at its worst.
The thing is, if you read the internet complaints board regarding KDOL, problems have continued. It seems only government can continue collecting/increasing taxes but not prioritize service to those who foot the bill.
Maybe they should ask what “stakeholders” think. —Their egos might get a shock.
And remember, if taxes are too high; they’re too high for all of us – not just Big Business who comes begging for corporate handouts.
Quit picking winners and losers — give back to the people.