Congratulations to the Gardner Edgerton school board for hitting the ground running with their first meeting including newly elected board members.
To be sure, there was some sparring and discussion regarding issues – that’s to be expected. What was promising was that all members expressed a desire to listen to patrons and move the district forward in all areas.
This board has started off behind the mark: COVID, no superintendent, $425,000 payout, search for new superintendent, loss of finance director, declining enrollment and test scores.
It was a heated and ugly election process; but it’s hoped this first meeting will help clear the air, and we believe there will be good things to come.
It’s encouraging to see open discussion between members, rather than a rubber-stamp board where most decisions have been made out of public view.
It’s not always going to be pretty; there are some tough decisions ahead.
For the first time in a long time, people were allowed inside for board meetings. There is discussion to make agendas more transparent, returning the public comment period to pre-COVID status and more information on COVID statistics and policy.
Increasing transparency at the board level will help reinforce trust in the district.
We predict great things.
Let’s put partisan differences aside, take a deep breath, and return this district to its glory days.
We can do it.
Thank you to all BOE members for taking the time to serve.