More than 3,000 have visited the Edgerton Museum since it opened in 2013.
The owner of the house at 315 E. Martin Donna Bratton (Brassfield), donated the house to the Edgerton in 2004 with the condition that if and when the city was able to move the house, she would like it moved, so she could sell the property.
In October of 2005, a building moving company from Wamego, Kan., Valley Moving Company, moved the Bratton house to its current location next to city hall. The moving company would pick one historical structure a year to move at no cost, and in 2005, they picked the Bratton house.
In 2006, some inmates from Lansing, on a work release program, spent about six weeks refurbishing the house.
The house is a turn of the century “shotgun” style house built around
1900 for railroad workers. The Brassfields bought it in the 1940’s, and it served as their family home for many years on Martin Street.
On Oct. 19, 2013, the Bratton house opened as the Edgerton Community Museum, with a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony. In just over eight years of operation, the museum has had
visitors from Spain, South Africa, Canada, New York, California, and all points in between.