More than 40 percent of meetings since June, 2021 for the City of Gardner do not have minutes of the meeting posted to the website when checked last week.
Gardner has four appointed boards and commissions and four appointed citizen advisory committees.
The committees were approved by Resolution 2026 to provide citizen input to the city council for approval. Citizen appointments to boards and commissions are made by the governing body.
Minutes are typically taken during the meeting, approved at the following meeting and then posted to the website to provide public information.
The appointments for the boards and commissions are governed by the Governing Body Rules of Procedure.
All minutes for the Gardner City Council are posted; however, the Aug. 2 city council work session called to discuss the revised budget has no been minutes posted to the website.
“There are occasions where a board, commission, or committee meeting may be cancelled due to lack of quorum or other extenuating circumstances,” said Daneeka Marshall-Oquendo, public information officer. “Minutes are only posted after they have been approved by vote of their respective board, commission, or committee; this approval typically occurs at the next regular meeting.”
Boards and commissions such as the Planning Commission, Utility Advisory Commission, and Airport Advisory Board typically meet on a monthly basis, while citizens advisory committees meet on a quarterly or as needed basis. Boards such as the Board of Building Code Appeals, meet only when a relevant appeal application has been submitted, Marshall-Oquendo continued.
In addition to city council Gardner has a —
—planning commission; last minutes posted Sept. 27, 2021
—utility advisory commission; up to date
—board of zoning appeals; no meetings, minutes posted in 2021
—airport advisory board; last minutes posted Aug. 9, 2021
streets,sidewalks and stormwater advisory committee; no meetings, no minutes posted in 2021
—economic development advisory committee, last minutes posted Sept. 8, 2021
—parks and recreation advisory committee; no meetings, minutes posted 2021
—citizens policy advisory committee; last minutes posted Sept. 13, 2021
ADA advisory committee. no meetings or minutes posted in 2021.
The ADA Advisory Committee and the Streets, Sidewalks, and Stormwater Advisory Committee were combined into the Public Works and Accessibility Advisory Committee, created on Sept. 4, 2018 via the City Council’s approval of Resolution 1995.