Mike Brown

Conservative businessman and former Johnson County Commissioner Mike Brown announced today that he is running for Kansas Secretary of State. Brown’s announcement sets up a Republican primary between moderate Republican incumbent Secretary of State Scott Schwab and conservative Republican Mike Brown.
“On November 3rd, 2020 and November 2nd, 2021 – shortly after the polls closed – my phone blew up with emails, text messages, voicemails, phone calls, and social media messages over concerns of the integrity of our elections. After multiple attempts to find answers that would address these concerns and return confidence in the integrity of our elections, not only was I left with even more concerns, it became clear that ensuring election integrity has not been a priority for Secretary of State Scott Schwab,” stated Brown.
Brown notes his five notable concerns that call into question Schwab’s focus on ensuring voter confidence and prioritizing election integrity:
• When President Donald Trump questioned mail in ballots, Schwab stated “I don’t know what the president’s talking about when he says he is concerned with mail ballots.”
• Despite concerns across the state by many Kansans, Schwab stated that “Kansas is not experiencing any issues with voter fraud,” including no intimidation tactics, irregularities, or voting problems referencing the 2020 General Election.
• In 2020, serious concerns over voting equipment were brought to light – specifically Dominion Voting Systems voting equipment. After the 2020 election, knowing these concerns, Secretary Schwab approved spending millions of dollars to purchase a large quantity of election equipment from Dominion Voting Systems.
• When questions were being asked nationally and in the state of Kansas about the integrity of our elections, Schwab stated those asking questions and concerned with the integrity of our elections were “domestic bad actors” with the intent to create distrust in our elections.
• Election irregularities have continued in the 2021 Election Cycle resulting in two election results being thrown out by a judge.