Lynne Hermansen
Special to The Gardner News
Traffic and crime updates were provided by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department during the Nov. 18 Edgerton City Council meeting.
Janiece Rawls, resident, said during public comments she wanted to know how uncovered truck loads were being handled specifically at 8th Street.
Brad Johnson, deputy, said he had been sitting all day in the area for several days after high speed traffic reports and trucks not properly securing their hauls were made.
Johnson said the average speeds had been 33 mph, and he had spoken with a few speeders, trucks with uncovered loads and also cited some dirt bikes and ATVs. “It’s been taken care of,” he said.
Johnson said the primary suspect for the On the Go Travel Center was in custody and the prosecution was in a different jurisdiction due to the seven to eight to robberies being committed in both Kansas and Missouri.
“The department has been on top of this big time,” Don Roberts, mayor, said.
Johnson said everyone involved with the crimes had been identified.
The city council also approved several items including one discussed during an executive session.

Other business:
Two executive sessions were held with one not being listed prior on the agenda.
A purchase for a lot at 308 E. Martin for $30,000 was approved. The city is purchasing the lot at 308 E. Martin as part of the new community building that is expected to start construction in 2022.  The Edgerton City Council plans to hold a work session after their December 9th business meeting to talk more about the project.
No action was taken on the second for a personnel matter.
—A temporary revision to the Logistics Park Phase 1 Sanitary Sewer Master plan passed. Edgerton Land Holding Company will install and maintain the infrastructure themselves with no funds from the city. The revision will pump the wastewater to the East instead of the West into Big Industrial Lift Station.
—The agreement with Tyler Technologies for ERP software that had been tabled at the October 28 meeting was approved. The renewal agreement will cap the annual renewals at the current price not to exceed five percent, change the start date to January 2022 and remove Saas fees for the first year.
—A five percent raise back to July for City Administrator Beth Linn passed.
—Parking on 200th Street East of Homestead Lane until the end of the roadway will be prohibited.
—A free space project with Henderson Building Solutions passed. The project includes a 20 to 30,000 square foot building for multi-use sports courts, meeting spaces, administrative spaces, walking track, game, weight, fitness and movie room, storm shelter and splash pad.
— Beth Linn, administrator, gave an update on the house reconstruction at 502 E. 2nd Street.
Because of the current inflation and supply chain setbacks there had been a lack of progress from outside work to the inside.
“The cost for HVAC doubled,” she said.
Roberts said he understood supply chain issues.
Clay Longanecker, council member, said the house still looked better than it did originally, and if he had purchased the property he would have bulldozed it.
“They have turned it into something different,” he said.
Linn said it was still a very exciting project even with the lack of recent progress.
Roberts said it was a major project.
“I’m happy to see the results so far,” he said.