With the November election over, and Todd Winters mayor elect of Gardner, the city will begin the process of filling a council vacancy on Dec. 7, after Winters is sworn in Dec. 6.
The appointment process will begin on Tuesday, Dec. 7, when the city clerk will notify the general public of the vacancy by publishing it twice in the city’s official newspaper, The Legal Record.
During this time, the city clerk will accept public service applications that can be accessed directly through the city’s website, completed, and returned to the city clerk’s office via the United States Post Office or fax. Applications can also be completed online via the city’s website. Hard copies are also available at city hall via the city clerk’s office, according to Daneeka Marshall-Oquendo, public information officer.
After the city council opening has been advertised for two weeks, the city clerk will provide the governing body with a list of qualified applicants according to Kansas law. The council will then be given one week to review and advise the city clerk of any potential issues with any candidates.
The applicants will then be invited to the next regularly scheduled city council meeting to interview with the governing body. The governing body will interview the applicants at the city council meeting and vote to appoint one to fill the vacant city council position until the next election.
The governing body may conduct second interviews or start the appointment process over if they believe none of the applicants are qualified. A copy of the nominee’s public service application will be included in the council packet for the meeting at which the interviews will be conducted.