Frank and Chuck Cramer started Cramer in 1918. Submitted photos

After a century in Gardner, Cramer is moving. Performance Health, a leader in consumer healthcare recently announced that it is moving its Cramer business from Gardner to Indianapolis.
Cramer started in 1918 when brothers Frank and Chuck Cramer started selling athletic liniment they made in their mother’s kitchen in Gardner. From pee wee sports to high school athletic teams to professional sports teams, Cramer has been there to make sure athletes are safe, well cared for and able to perform at their very best. The company is proud of its heritage and the profession it helped found.
Dave Caruthers has been with the brand for 43 years and started with the company fresh out of high school. “In football we had to get our ankles taped, and everybody dreaded having it done. We had to shave our ankles, and the tape tore our skin. Then one day one of my high school buddies brought in a case of tape underwrap. We put it under the tape so it wouldn’t stick to our skin. It was great! And that was when I first started clicking in on Cramer. Now we have 1,600+ items in our product line. The brand has kept me interested and excited for 40+ years,” he said.
“I’m sad to see Cramer leave Gardner, where its history is, where it all started. Cramer and Gardner have been closely intertwined since day one, and everyone in town knows Cramer because of the things we’ve done to support the community and make people’s lives better. Yet I know the business is in very capable hands moving forward. The move to Indy gives Cramer a better chance to be more efficient in distribution and put more focus on the product line.”
Chad Stephens, sales manager, grew up in Kansas and knew the Cramer brand well. Stephens started as an athletic trainer and used Cramer products; he then joined the company in 2012. One of the things that drew him to Cramer was the opportunities it provided athletic trainers to support their growth. Stephens said he is sad to see Cramer leave Gardner, but he’s excited about the new opportunities the move brings.
“Moving Cramer to Indianapolis (Indy) is all about making the business more efficient. We’re part of a bigger company, and it just makes good business sense to relocate distribution to Indy where we can better serve the athletic training community across the country. The move means more resources and staff to help with marketing and grow our ecommerce business,” he said.
“Cramer has been here to support athletic trainers. I’m excited that we will continue the legacy, and we’re looking toward the future and making Cramer an even stronger brand in sports medicine and athletic training.”
As Cramer embarks on the next step in its journey, Performance Health would like to leave something behind and give back to the Gardner community. From November 18-21, the company will donate Cramer products, such as athletic apparel, PE equipment, braces and tapes, to organizations that can use these valuable supplies. If you’re interested in obtaining Cramer merchandise for your school, nonprofit or charity, please contact the company at [email protected] Any remaining merchandise will be available to the public free of charge on December 4.
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