Lynne Hermansen
Special to The Gardner News
The Edgerton City Council passed two housekeeping items at the Oct. 28 meeting.
The first item was to continue technology services with Strategy LLC for a one year period at $4,410 a month.
Karen Kindle, finance director, said Edgerton currently doesn’t have an IT staff.
Additional costs related to the city website are the same as 2021:
• Domain Registration $30; • Webhosting $65/month; • Website Edits $125/hour (billed in increments of 15 minutes).
Don Roberts, mayor, said offsite IT would be vastly higher in cost. “Change in IT is always a struggle and the process of staying here for now is a good thing,” he said.
Roberts said they trust the staff and would hate to struggle with a new IT company.
The 2022-2026 Capital Improvement Program was approved.
An agreement with Tyler Technologies for ERP software was tabled after a discussion over zoom.
Kindle said Tyler Technologies had a large staff presence in Kansas.
Roberts said he had questions and concerns over what happens with the contract after five years.
Representatives from Tyler Tech said they would negotiate the contract as it goes up by three to five percent on average.
Roberts said the money involved for the software was pretty substantial. “It could be problematic if we don’t negotiate well after five years,” he said.
Josh Lewis, council member, said he didn’t know if the city could get something better the way markets currently run.
Tyler Tech representatives said the typical contract is for three to eight years, and they have to build in the price for inflation.
“We understand the risk to negotiate but we have always been successful with providing information for negotiating clients with current market conditions,” they said.
Unfortunately contracts are shrinking and not lengthy, Tyler Technology representatives said. “We take care of all the backups and security and the data is within our data centers,” they said.
Roberts said they were happy when they had visited their place in Plano, Texas but he had serious concerns about the five year contract.
Tyler Tech representatives said they understood Roberts concerns and would take the information back to their higher ups.