Lynne Hermansen
Special to The Gardner News
The Edgerton City Council voted to consult with Renaissance infrastructure consulting for the 191st Street and Gardner Road at Interstate 35 safety analysis and with BG Consultants for the cup-de-sac design of 191st east of Montrose Street.
The vote Oct. 28 came after the last city council meeting discussion September 23 about how the city wanted to handle safety concerns. Council said they had received concerns about about truck traffic on 191st Street and limiting the truck traffic leaving the intermodal.
Don Roberts, mayor, said he had heard a number of safety complaints before September and within the last month.
“Based on the number of safety complaints I’ve heard, I think it’s worthy of moving forward to look and study the data,” he said.
The safety and design studies for the possible closure of 191st to construct two cul-de-sacs for truck turnarounds would be conducted at the same time.
Johnson County Fire District #1 had previously stated at their October Fire Board meeting that they had major safety concerns about 191st street being closed because of emergency vehicle access.
Dennis Meyers, Fire Chief, had said it would be majorly devastating to close down a primary road  causing huge delays and public safety issues.
Meyers had said they would have to go around to I-35 and Homestead.
Roberts referred to The Gardner News article about Meyers safety concern statements for emergency vehicle access.
“Personally I’ve seen safety concerns worthy of hearing from Fire District #1,” he said. “They have made it clear they do not support the closure of 191st.”
Roberts said if the safety study finds the city needs to close 191st street then they possibly will have to listen to the study.
“We will look at it different,” he said. “At the end of the day it is ultimately our call, but from a partnership perspective I would like to hear from Fire District #1.”
Edgerton had spent $30 million at the Homestead Lane interchange for intermodal truck traffic use. Truck drivers have been using 191st to Gardner Road as a faster travel route.
The safety study will include the following:
1. Traffic Counts and Vehicle Classification for the AM and PM peak hours for four weekdays (Tues, Wed, or Thurs) over the course of two weeks at the locations indicated on the map following the PSA.
2. Perform on-site observations and documentation of existing, peak hour conditions.
3. Collect data and evidence such as crash data related to safety concerns in the area.
4. Perform AM and PM peak hour operational analysis at the above intersection that includes a Level of Service and queuing analysis.
5. Identify the primary origin and destination of traffic through the study area.
6. Perform safety and operational analysis of data described above to identify
safety concerns within the area.
7. Provide a written study summarizing the findings and submit to the City.
The $29,500 design study will include the preparation of construction plans and project special provisions; topographical survey; utility information and coordination; engineering design of transportation infrastructure improvements (pavement section, storm sewer, pavement markings and signage, etc); and a temporary traffic control plan which could be used by contractor, preparing the project for bidding such as preparation of bidding documents, preparation of opinion of probably cost and preparation of property description for up to four private properties for property acquisition.