Lynne Hermansen
Special to The Gardner News
City funds for the US – Hwy 56 reconstruction project was awarded by the Gardner City Council at their meeting Nov. 1.
The federal funds are administered through KDOT and will reconstruct the course of US-56 Highway that runs through the city as Main Street from Sycamore Street to the highway.
Tim McEldowney, city engineer, said Amino Brothers Company was the lowest bid for $6,130,322 and would be assisting KDOT with the project.
McEldowney said after KDOT’s financial contribution to the project Gardner was responsible for the other $2.78 million. The Johnson County CARS program is contributing $735,000.
Todd Winters, council president, said he wanted to know the timeline for start and completion of the road reconstruction project.
McEldowney said they expected to begin in a couple of months, and he expected the project to take about 11 months starting in February.
Steve Shute, mayor, said KDOT would be responsible for filling the potholes until then.
Tory Roberts, council member, said she wanted to know if there would be at least one lane open during the duration of the project.
McEldowney said there would be one lane open along with access to the businesses residing from Sycamore Street to the highway.
Mark Baldwin, council vice president, said he wanted to know the stoplight at the Quicktrip and Wal-Green’s be installed.
It wouldn’t be until after the project was done, McEldowney said.
Two other items were approved at Monday night’s meeting:
—A voluntary annexation of 10 acres of land from Thomas and Julie Trigg at 199th Street.
—An ordinance amending Ordinance 2640 changing the collection date for the Waverly Plaza Community Improvement District.
The CID was originally approved Dec. 16,2019 with the start date of Jan. 1, 2022 for a one percent sales tax addition.
Matt Wolff, finance director, said the district currently doesn’t have any businesses to generate sales tax. “The delay is to make sure the project is successful,” he said.
The start date would now depend on the date the first retail user is open for business, another date determined by the city or the earliest date the Kansas Department agrees to begin the imposition of the CID Sales Tax.
Shute said he was against an indefinite date extension and would like to act on the start of property sooner than later.
Roberts said she agreed with Shute that they should act on it as soon as possible.

Randy Gregorcyk, council member, said he wanted to know if the Land Bank was an option.
It is a separate project under review, Jim Pruetting, city administrator, said.
At the end of the meeting Shute said he wanted to wish all the candidates in Tuesday’s mayoral election the best. “You will have a lot of fun in this seat,” he said. “It’s been a fun ride but challenging in some ways.”
Shute said citizens are unaware of the sacrifices elected officials make to fulfill their roles for the city. “Godspeed to all three of you,” he said.
Todd Winters, Randy Gregorcyk and Tory Roberts are running for the Gardner Mayor seat.
Shute said he was more than happy to assist any of them to the transition.
He then said he wanted to remind people to vote. “Exercise your franchise and get out and vote,” Shute said. “Make your voice heard.”