Contributing Columnist
Fall is here. Well at least by the calendar. Cooler night and that urgent feel to shut down, put away and get ready for colder winter weather.
I know some people revel in fall. They sparkle like colorful leaves. Clinging to every surface and happening that is going on. Me, not so much. I am learning to like fall more the older I get. I don’t like the loss of daylight. I do like the cooler with nights with the windows open.
October is a hard month in our family. Two people passing on the same day six years apart. I have friends who are still here with birthdays, and I try to focus on those. My daughter has come to visit in October numerous times. I wish this was one of those years, but I don’t think it will be.
Fall is such a change. My flowers are winding down. They have done their duty for this year. I have wised up and realize they are just some plants, even though I love them dearly, but that won’t grow where I presently live.
I tend to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. When it gets dark at 5 p.m. like it will soon, you have to get things done before noon.
I have started sitting outside at sunset. The sunsets here in October are usually beautiful and peaceful. I live very close to the intermodal, and our neighborhood is one of the most peaceful places I have ever lived. I miss lots more trees and owls, but it isn’t bad.
I hope the general population starts to “simmer down” as my Mom would have said. The mask debate has gone on long enough. No matter how much you shout you won’t change anyone’s mind. If you feel comfortable wearing your mask in public do it. It keeps you from lots of airborne illnesses. Don’t make fun of those that do. If you are adamant about no masks, go about your business.
Same with the vaccines. No ones owes you protection. Protect yourself, others should do the same. Me, I am going for the booster after my flu shot.
I want family gatherings this fall. I want hugs and greetings from those I haven’t seen.
Let us turn to our fall season and be kinder. Be a little more understanding. Let’s lower our voices and take care of us. Let’s make good decisions about those who govern our town and schools. 2022 is just right over the next hill. We need to try to make it a better year, and this a better place to live than it has been.