Spring Hill school district now has more students than Gardner Edgerton. Most growth is due to remote/virtual learning.
Fulltime enrollment for this year have not been posted to KSDE yet.
According to reports obtained from the Kansas State Department of Education, Spring Hill gained 1814 students since 2017-18 and has a reported enrollment of 5,802 students for the 2020-21 headcount.

Intervening years for SH were: 4427 – 2019, 2018 – 4232, and 2017 – 3988.
Much of the growth for Spring Hill enrollment is due to their virtual school, which has increased more than 1325 students. GE reports 0 virtual enrollment as of 2020-2021

Gardner Edgerton (USD 231) shows an enrollment of 5746, dropping 243 students from the 5989 reported in 2017-18. GE did not show totals for 2018-19 or 2019-2020, but instead noted the enrollment as N/A.
According to the KSDE reports, pre-kindergarten for Gardner has also dropped: reported as 91 for the 20-21 school year down from from 127 in 17-18 while Spring Hill has increased to 43 from 37.
On Sept. 17, The Gardner News requested the head count of each USD 231 school and the amount of budget allotted to that school as required by KSA72-8204c: Budget and summary of proposed budget; notice of availability; needs assessment of attendance centers. (a) Each year the board of education of a school district shall conduct an assessment of the educational needs of each attendance center in the district. Information obtained from such needs-assessment shall be used by the board when preparing the budget of the school district.
The request was forwarded to the district’s attorney who said there was no requirement that the district summarize the information or supply it.
In an e mail dated Sept. 17, 2021, Curtis Tideman, attorney for the USD 231 report replied: “As I previously explained, the statute requires the district to “conduct” an assessment; not to write a report summarizing “results.”  For that reason, there is no written “results” report and the law does not require the preparation of such a document.”
Information can be obtained under Kansas State Department of Education. The approx. count this year maybe 5,900.