Possibly constructing a cul de sac at within Edgerton city limits at 191st to limit traffic leaving the intermodal to reach the I 35 interchange was discussed at the Sept. 23 city council meeting.
Jody Brown, council member, said there have been many complaints about the traffic at Gardner Road and I-35.
Edgerton spent $30,000,000 at Homestead Lane interchange for the intermodal traffic to use; but drivers don’t want to go that far to get to I-35, so they travel down 191st Street to get to Gardner Road and I-35.
With all of this traffic, Brown said, it takes half an hour to go through the intersection. He has heard complaints from Gardner as well as safety concerns.
Brown inquired if cul-de-sacs could be constructed on 191st Street at the Edgerton city limits. He said it would eliminate a lot of traffic in that area.
Josh Lewis, council member, agreed and said it would force people who work in LPKC to stay in Edgerton to get lunch.
Edgerton currently has two travel plazas; one of the east side called On The Go, which is open and plans for a second on the west side which was approved Sept. 9, Woodstone.
On The Go plans plans to open a new Goodcents once building supplies arrive, said Kara Banks, public information officer.  “On the Go has quick service food inside their convenience store, and it gets busy. I’ve heard the burritos are amazing.”
Woodstone has not named any restaurants yet, but their agreement calls for a quick service and a casual dining option to open before 2025. Construction on the Woodstone development will start by next summer under the recent agreement passed by Edgerton council.
Brown agreed and said it would funnel the employees at LPKC to the new restaurants.
Don Roberts, mayor, agreed with the safety concerns and stated he is unsure if the drivers would use a new route unless something is big blocking them from using 191st Street. He said the council about the legality of this and to look at the concept of what it should look like.
Roberts said the city did pay a lot of money for the entrance for LPKC at Homestead Lane and the city has spent a lot of money to keep trucks out of Gardner per many traffic studies.
Longanecker said there is still a problem with the work Gardner did on that road.
Roberts said the city engineer might be the right choice to design it since it is a smaller project.