With an eight percent increase in property valuation, Edgerton dropped their mill rate from 30.381 to 29.939 for the 2022 budget..
Curt Longanecker, council member, said it was good to continue the downward trend of the mill rate.
The mill levy is how taxes are figured with a calculation of the value of the property set by the county appraisers.
The discussion for the 2023 Budget will start in October of this year, said Beth Linn, city administrator.
Don Roberts, mayor, explained the RNR bill passed in the legislature last session had changed the budget cycle and it is crammed together.
Roberts said there have been errors by others outside of the Edgerton for a few years in a row. He is working with other jurisdictions on changing some items to make the process easier. He said Johnson County had published a wrong number and Edgerton caught the heat because it said the city is raising taxes by almost 25 percent, which is not correct.