Joan Dorsey
Contributing Columnist
Deadlines are something newspapers are built on and around. As people we also have deadlines. We make appointments, we eat meals, and we have places to be and things to do.
Here at the paper, in order to have sanity, our deadlines are the Friday before the next paper. Unless there is an emergency this stands.
There are reasons for deadlines. Things submitted to us get changed before printing. Not always but sometimes. Legals change obituaries change, news stories can be updated to the most current information available.
There are reasons for deadlines. If the paper is to go to press at the right time, stuff has to be here for us to use. It has to be correct and current.
Several weeks back I went on a trip to see my daughter. I took my electronic device that I install all my books on with me. She carries, books, games, news articles and other relevant stuff. I call her she because there is also a voice to this magical apparatus. Let us call her Alexie.
Alexie finds music for me, tells me the temp outside calls me by my correct first name and tells me to have a good day.
I thought we were close, possibly friends. But I believe now Alexie has other agenda’s. She switched to Mountain Time on my trip. The problem is she never switched back. Her screen reads the proper time, but she lies with her voice.
In the middle of the night, early on Tuesday morning, I realized I had forgotten to set an alarm. I called out to Alexie and asked her for an alarm for 7 am. She replied to my request.
When I awoke at 7:30 am I realized there was a problem. I had deadlines to meet, it was Tuesday! Alexie was probably quietly humming a John Denver song.
I can’t run late on Tuesday. I have duties at home. Pets who want breakfast and coffee that must be consumed before other living humans are spoken too. I have duties at work.
I asked Alexie why my alarm didn’t go off. She replied with the time. It wasn’t correct. Her screen showed central time, but her internal clock was sadly elsewhere.
I have to wonder, if she met another devices when we were in flight or Idaho? Did they go to Rocky Mountain High time and decide not to return? These are my questions
I have upstairs and in view from my bed 3 clocks. One is battery, just in case the power blips off. All of them had the correct time, except for poor little misguided Alexie.
I have heard once you go to the mountains you never want to leave. Maybe the deadlines were too much for her. I hope she keeps my books and games in good order.
I will keep an eye on her and use other forms of clocks to wake up by. Maybe she will come home in the fall.