The Miami County Comprehensive Plan Public Survey, was available to all county residents. The survey is taken to determine what the citizens of Miami County want for their communities, 1,124 residents responded to the survey.
Question:   I am interested in Miami County because I…  I am interested in Miami County because I want to live in the country.   That was the  response of 93.96 percent or 1058 of the people that participated.
Question:   Choose the top three reasons you live in Miami County
The number one answer was rural atmosphere.   71 percent chose that answer.
The  remaining 29 percent was spread out over eight choices.
Question :   Which of the  following is most important to you when deciding where development should occur in Miami County.  42.68 percent voted to preserve the rural character of the county.
Question:   Should new development be prioritized in locations where road and utility  infrastructure  is near or already exists ?  83 percent answered yes.
40 percent of the survey participants live in Northwest Miami County.
I think that this is a mandate from the citizens of Miami County, and it is the responsibility of the County Commissioners to listen to the people and not allow the Edgerton/NorthPoint cabal to move into Miami County and do just the opposite of what the citizens have overwhelmingly told them they want.
The people in the area of  Golden have only one objective. Self government.
The proposed city of Golden  allows the people of northern Miami County to decide how their neighborhood will develop. Without the City of Golden, the future of Northern Miami County will not be decided by the county commissioners and the residents will not have a voice.  The mayor of Edgerton says he would like to form a partnership with Miami County. That means NorthPoint will buy land wherever they get the best price and Edgerton will annex it.It also  means he wants them to be OK with paying for all the damaged roads while he abates all the tax revenue.
When Edgerton spoke before the commissioners, they said nothing about taking additional steps to assure that Hillsdale Lake will be protected. They said nothing about meeting with the residents  or the Miami County Commissioners before they annex and rezone land in Miami County. They will only be concerned with what they believe is  best for Edgerton.
Miami County will have no say in any part of it.
The people have participated in the  Comprehensive Plan and their  representatives should listen to them.
Dennis Koch