Last week two requests for information were sent to USD 231.

One request asked for information on lesson plans for those students who are not attending school due to COVID quarantine. Specifically whether there was a link on the website, or written policy guidelines that are supplied to parents indicating how students receive instruction. The request was e mailed to all BOE members and administration. At press time, no reply had  been receive.

The second request was for an attendance count per building and the amount of money allotted to each school. It is required the district use this data in preparing a budget.  The request was sent to the BOE and administration, but it was not acknowledged. However, it was sent to the district’s attorney who denied the request.

UPDATE: Received after publication, a response on how quarantined students are educated was received from the district: “A KORA request won’t be necessary because the documents are easily accessible on our website. For better understanding of KORA requested documents please see attached.Our policy for educating students who miss school due to absences has been consistent and implemented for years. Essentially, teachers and building administrators work with students and families individually to ensure their needs are met. Whether students are absent due to illness, vacations, or other activities, the process for them obtaining missed instruction and school work can be found in each of our student handbooks. The handbooks are located on each school’s website. These same processes would apply to a student who has missed school due to a COVID-19 exclusion see district website for USD 231 Plan for Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services that was submitted to the state.Regarding student absences, we encourage you to review Board policies JBD, JF, and JGCC.”