“Unfortunately, although we had 24 of the 25 Charter Commission members ready, willing and able to listen to public comment, and there were members of the public signed up to speak, many members of the audience made a choice to protest the meeting and disrupt the opportunity for the public to be heard tonight,” Greg Musil, chairman, noted. “It is disappointing because the commission wants to hear from the public, and we will reschedule the public hearing,” Musil concluded.
The public hearing was scheduled to be held at the KU Edwards campus. The public hearing notice clearly stated that all persons attending the public hearing would be required to wear masks.
Numerous members of the audience chose not to comply with the capacity limits of the room and the requirement of wearing a mask. Prior to the start of the meeting, Musil asked the assembled crowd to comply and advised that if the policies of the venue were not complied with the public hearing could not occur.
The meeting was called to order at approximately 5:30 p.m. pursuant to the public notice. After roll call and introductory remarks regarding the purpose of the Charter Commission, Musil again asked the assembled audience to comply with the previously announced requirements. Vocal portions of the crowd refused, leading to the adjournment of the meeting.
Although the Johnson County Commission had allowed the mask mandate to expire in April, it was reinstated prior to the start of school.