The majority of candidates for the upcoming November election had not filed necessary reports eight days after the deadline.
All candidates, even those who did not have a primary, were required to file prior to Sept. 2, according to the election office. That includes USD 231 and all offices for Edgerton and Gardner.
Of the 19 total candidates, only two – mayor candidates – had filed required finance reports: Don Roberts, Edgerton mayor candidate, and Tory Roberts, Gardner mayor candidate, had filed reports by Sept. 10.

Edgerton mayor candidate Brent Carrol had not filed.
Don Roberts reported he had spent $2,009.45 prior to the Aug. 3, 2021 election. He reported two $500 donations, one from DEEP LLC, and one from Jim Kay, Inc. Expenses were $48.15 to Trails West Ace Hardware and $1961.30 to The Village Shop, LLC.
Edgerton council candidates Ron Conus, Joshua Lewis and Zachary Myers had not filed reports.

Gardner mayor candidates Todd Winters and Randy Gregorcyk had not filed reports.
Mayor candidate Tory Roberts reported no donations and $1,389 in total expenses including an ad in the Gardner Newspaper $84 and a Gardner Lions Club breakfast for volunteers $88 prior to the primary.
None of the Gardner council candidates had filed: incumbents Steve Shute and Mark Baldwin or newcomers Alex Coleman, and John Tramble.

USD 231
None of the candidates for the Gardner Edgerton school district had filed the necessary campaign finance reports. The reports were due Sept. 2
Non filed include:
Jeff Miller and incumbent John Brandon Parks for position 2 had not filed.
Monica Jacobs and incumbent Lana Sutton for position 4 had not filed.
Thomas Reddin and incumbent Rob Shippy for position 5 had not filed.
Corrie Kramer, Greg Chapman and Stacey Coleman for position 6 had not filed.
An official for the Johnson County Election office said will be updated as reports are filed.