Residents of North Miami County filed a petition to incorporate the town of “Golden” April 9. The filing came as a result of the sale, annexation and rezoning of property in the rural area for inclusion in the KC Logistics intermodal, Edgerton. Residents are hoping to forestall warehouse development and retain their rural lifestyle.
According to state statute, communities within five miles of an existing city had to be considered before incorporation. Within that area, Miami County reached out to Spring Hill, Gardner and Edgerton.
Spring Hill, which is split between Miami and Johnson County, had no objections to the incorporation.
The City of Edgerton is scheduled to appear at the Miami Co. hearing Sept. 15. In May they responded to Miami Co., that they had a strict policy of annexation only at property owner request. In a letter from Don Roberts, mayor, he wrote Edgerton has always emphasized partnership. He indicated recent growth had taken place at a rapid pace, and it was possible there could be future growth in the Miami Co., area, and Edgerton would be happy to work with whoever their neighbor might be.
At the May 3, 2021 Gardner City Council meeting, Steve Shute, mayor, agreed to write a letter of support for the creation of the new Kansas town of Golden. Shute said they didn’t want to deal with Miami County and straddle two counties. “Spring Hill already has issues,” he said.
Other scheduled Miami County testimonies include:
September 22: 1. Wrap up, identification of any additional information BOCC needs and Discussion of any possible alternatives to incorporation; October 6: Presentation of summary of the record, organized by the 16 factors ; October 13 BOCC deliberation
Miami County Agendas are available at: