Pam Stranathan’s contract was extended for one year during the Aug. 23 USD 231 Board of Education meeting. Two board members, Shaun Carlisle and Tressa Boden, had walked out and quit prior to the discussion and approval.
According to the contract supplied under a Kansas Open Records request, the salary appears unchanged in the contract at $203,100 base. Although the contract specifies in the 2019 original that Stranathan is entitled to receive salary increases as determined to the board, no increases were specified, and the clerk of the board indicated the salary remained unchanged.
Also under the contract, the superintendent is provided 12 days accumulated sick leave, 20 days accumulated vacation days, $12,168 taxable compensation for health insurance, and $100 per month for a mobile phone.
If the board chooses not to renew the superintendent’s contract, the board must provide written notice prior to March 1, 2022. Stranathan must provide 90 days written notice prior to retirement or resignation.
There are a few other verbiage changes including:
Section 5, goals and objectives changes from prior to Aug. 1, 2019 the first year of the agreement, “the parties shall meet to establish Superintendent’s performance objectives for the ensuring school year,”
to “the Superintendent will submit goals for the ensuing school year.”
Stranathan’s evaluation is conducted according to procedures set forth in Kansas statute and board policy. Criteria for evaluation is determined by the board prior to Feb. 15 as required by Kansas statute.