Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
On a chilly morning in early May, a bone thin kitty with blue eyes strolled in my daughter’s back yard. She was dirty, hungry and very very loving. Christy fed her two cans of cat food. She napped and then trotted off to wherever. Several hours later she was back. More food was offered and lots of water.
The next day she showed up again. I told Christy no more cats. But where animals are involved we usually don’t listen. This time when the kitty departed Christy followed her. She went to the library about a block away. That was when she introduced my daughter to her five tiny fuzzy babies in a nest under a bush. Their eyes weren’t even open yet. Well the rest is kitten history.
The little family moved into Christy’s spare room and started their four month journey to better lives.
The local rescue was contacted, but they were full up. Could Christy keep them till they could be given good homes? How could she say no?
So the library bunch came into being. There was Harper (Lee) momcat. Sylvia (Plath), Emily (Bronte), Maya (Angelou) the girls. Plus Ernie (Hemmingway) and Poe (Edgar Allen). Four blue eyed babies and one with green eyes.
Harper settled them in and did what Momcats do best. She cared for her kittens. She was a perfect guest and very sweet kitty.
I have followed their progress almost daily with web cam views and live conversations with my daughter.
Two weeks ago I went to Idaho to see Christy and to see the babies now four months old. As a cat lover I was in heaven. There were many litter boxes to scoop and lots of mouths to feed. But they had grown to be beautiful cats. This week the kittens go to the local vet for spaying and neutering. Harper had her turn several weeks back.
As with any adult cat you, worry they will be overlooked when adoptions come about. Harper was loving and gentle, but a full grown lady cat.
Magicats Cat rescue In Idaho posted Harper’s picture and her story. They also posted pictures of the kittens. A nice family with a large house came to see them on Sunday. If all goes well, two of the kittens will be heading home with them next week.
Harper, on the other hand, made her entrance, and loved and greeted each person in the family. After the paperwork was finished, Harper headed for her new home.
Late last night my daughter sent a photo of Harper lying on a bed paws curled eyes closed. I swear she had a smile on her face.
Sweet dreams Harper and the library bunch. I hope your food dishes are always full. I hope you have clean water and a gentle hand to pet you. You will be missed, but you deserve your own home and family.
Please spay and neuter your pets. There are too many like the library bunch out there. Too many unwanted, dumped cats kittens and puppies.