A social media blast in a neighborhood message saying that a man was observed, and arrested, for indecent exposure in Gardner was correct.
Christopher McGhee 27 years of age, was arrested on Aug. 18, 2021 for lewd and lascivious behavior and buying sexual relations.  He was wearing a security company shirt and blue pants. He was not a law enforcement officer and does not work for Gardner Police Department, according to city staff.
The subject was observed by a resident who believed he was masturbating, but the subject never exposed himself to anyone, according to GPD.  After investigation it was determined that he had been masturbating and was in the area with the intention of having sexual intercourse for money.  However, the address he thought he was supposed to be at was a false address given to him by someone online.
He never left his vehicle and did not contact any resident.  Both charges are misdemeanor charges and fit the criteria for him to be cited through city court.  He was released on signature bond and given a court date in Gardner City Court, according to GPD.
Residents who observe suspicious behavior should call 911 or 913-782-0720 and answer questions the dispatcher asks.  This will allow dispatchers to gather information while officers are responding.