We’d like to write a concise editorial about what happened at the USD 231 school board meeting last night, but it gives us a headache.
What we do know as we sift thru the rubble is that two BOE members walked out, at least one quit, a multi-million dollar budget was approved with limited public discussion/ transparency, and Pam Stranathan’s contract as superintendent was extended for a year.
Her contract was extended after the two board members quit. What was the hurry? It might have been prudent to have a full board.
What do we think about the meeting?
Chaos and a disservice to district patrons.
A slap in the face to students who deserve nurturing and support and an education.
Disregard for staff who is trying to teach and maintain order.
And to taxpayers who are paying for this debacle.
No matter what your position on any of these issues, now more than ever it is important you are registered and vote in the November election.
This district needs responsive and transparent leadership.
Keep making your voice heard. Don’t give up.
Our children’s future depends on it.