Gardner officials attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new water treatment plant. Pictured are: Left to Right: Kacy Deaton/Gardner councilmember, Jim Pruetting/Gardner city administrator, Gonzalo Garcia/Gardner utility director, Steve Shute/Gardner mayor, John Mitchell/Burn & Mac, Shannon Kruse/CAS Constructors, Dana Weir/Burns & Mac, Lisa Elmore/Gardner Hillsdale Plant WTP Superintendent, Tory Roberts/Gardner city councilmember. Photo courtesy of the city of Gardner

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Aug. 5 for the Hillsdale Water Treatment Plant at 22705 Moonlight Rd., Spring Hill, Kan.
The ceremony marked the completion of an expansion and provides the treatment of water from four million gallons of water per day to seven million.
The expansion was necessary due to the city’s growth and population increase.
On July 17 2018, the council issued mandatory water restrictions saying the Hillsdale Water Treatment Facility had operated at more than ninety percent capacity for more than five consecutive days, and the city had reached Water Warning Stage as part of the Water Conservation Plan.
According to that policy, water consumers who violate usage rules during an emergency risk having their water connection shut off and may face prosecution at the municipal court. Violators could face a $100 fine for the first conviction and $200 for second and subsequent violations. They may also serve a jail term not to exceed 30 days.
At that time, a target of per capita water use of 100 gallons per day. According to Gonz Garcia, utilities director, the city’s 2018 per capita use was 81 gallons and includes water sold to residential and commercial customers including any water loss from leaks.